1. Any addict HOLDING A SERVICE POSITION from any WNY area, the WNYRSC or a WNYRSC subcommittee can ask that a page(s) be sent to the website.

2. Pages on the WNY regional website are for use by WNY groups, WNY areas and the WNYRSC (including WNYRSC sub-committees). Groups, areas and regions outside the WNY region may have links to their pages on our site but may not have their pages directly visible on the WNY regional website. We link to NO personal websites.

3. Only members of a standing committee, at the area or the regional level, can ask that a page(s) be removed because of inaccuracies. The RSC chair settles all controversies.

4. Members of the website committee should be from a group/area in the WNY region.

5. The WNY regional website committee is guided by the 12 traditions and the 12 concepts of service.

6. The WNY regional website committee remain an ad-hoc committee.